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The ripen experience in the years have permitteded to understand when is more slim and operational a yard in which all the professionalism comes coordinate from an only direction.
From here the idea to form a professionals of stable team from can displace easily in any situation, and the results for the ownership are that of reduce costs to sustain let alone the elimination of the fatiguing work of intermediation among the surveyor and the engineer, among the enterprise and the another profession ecc..

To front of this specialization are able to can offer a complete service for the realization of productive structure and residential in all the sectors, but in that agricultural and agroindustrial in particular, developing the relative offices to:

  • editing of the table of illustrative project of the works to realize relief and verification of the borders;
  • editing of the variations to the project;
  • relief of the quoted plans of the area of ownership for possible settlement of the same;
  • illustrative technical relationship of the object works of the question of permission;
  • editing of the relative practice to the presentation of the works to the local sanitary firm for the release of the sanitary hygienic certificate;
  • editing of the relative practice to the unload of the flowing back waters in receptor distinct from the presentation of question of comprehensive sewerage of the same to the A.R.P.A.;
  • geologic relationship for the unloads;
  • geotechnical relationship to signature of qualified professional, relative to the stillness and to the morphology of the ground;
  • project of the wirings and drawn up thermal from qualified professional in accordance with the prescriptions of the law n. 46/90;
  • editing of practises necessary to the obtaining of the no hinders of the provincial command of the V.V.F.F.;
  • professional declaration of the correspondence of the works in project to the requisites of law n. 13/89 (building obstacles for disabled);
  • editing of the relative relationship to the acoustic impact;
  • editing of the project relating to the work of necessary reinforced concrete;
  • editing of the safety plan base on the prescriptions of the legislative decree n. 494/96;
  • editing of the safety plan;
  • direction of the safety in yard;
  • supervisions of works in yard;
  • stacking practice;
  • practice for the release of the certificate of fitness for habitation.
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