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AGRI.FIN.EURO operates to count and in the interest of private enterprises and of the public administration with a fed staff of professionals qualified developing offices of:

  • financial consultation to interpret and give solutions to the demands of the market by orchestrate like grants relateds to assets and in count lavished interests from the European Community, Members States and Regions;
  • consultation and credit mediation with the greater banking institution;
  • consultation in the planning phase and building realization to use residential, productive and recreational, reliefs, building adjustments to the safety regulations, prevention set fire, structure consolidation, environmental setups for the embellishment of polluted areas;
  • consultation for the management of projects for the phytopathology containment (es. F.D. on grapevine) and for the amelioration of the environments of life and of work (es. integrateded biological war to the mosquitoes);
  • consultation for the voluntary certification system implementation on the product and on the productive system;
  • consultation in the management of the food safety.
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Tel:011.9891615 - Fax:011.9895314 - E-mail: